Best cakes for the wedding in Pune

A wedding is an extraordinary moment, and cakes are always there to make any moment special. Here you'll have the best cakes for the Wedding in Pune. The handcrafted cakes from this bakery in Koregaon Park are a pretty sight, but also incredibly delicious. Gorgeous customized cakes in varied hues and designs, sit on the racks of the walls, while cute cupcakes and cheesecakes are placed in proper lines on the counter at the far end of the shop. All this set-up enhances the excitement of the couple who are going to get married in a short duration. Moreover, the wedding is considered to be one of the most awaited occasions in every person’s life and thus, the wedding celebration is almost incomplete without the cake-cutting ceremony.

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Located at Crossword in Aundh, Chef Malika Khanna's cafe and dessert space have several American cakes, pastries and more. The cakes aren't exactly conventional. German chocolate cake (which tastes like a Bounty bar), Boston cream pie, carrot cake, Snicker bar muddle, pumpkin spice cake, and banana-Nutella cake are some of the cakes that you definitely must try. We can observe that most of the time cakes preferred for the wedding are generally white. As white color denotes peace and purity, the logic for ordering such cakes is that the couple who are going to tie the knot also try to achieve the same in their relationship for a happy married life. Thus, wedding cakes are not just cakes but are a medium to showcase emotions by the bride and groom to each other.

Make your wedding memorable with the best cakes for the wedding in Pune

Baking Genie ensures to make each moment very special with the extraordinary delivery of delicious cakes. We embrace the special moments of your life with our creative efforts. We are your one-stop center for the best cakes for the wedding in Pune. From picturing emotions on the cake to brimming creativity in the form of emoticons, we offer all variety of cakes in all flavors. In addition to this, the home delivery feature of the bakery shop help in delivering wedding cakes at the earliest, thereby, maintaining the freshness and fluffiness of the cake In addition to this, you can choose from a wide variety of cakes and can explore what is best for your final day.

Our goal is to make your special moment very special. We feel immense pleasure to take all the orders and deliver the best what we can to enhance your satisfaction level. Furthermore, the significance of cake cutting has been reflected from traditional time as it has been an important ritual and customary without which the wedding is considered to be incomplete in some religions. For example, cutting the cake together by the couple shows that they will be together in both good and bad times and which will help each other to overcome the challenges of life. With our best cakes for the wedding in Pune, we wish you all good luck for a happy married life ahead.