Customized cakes in Pune

Have you ever experienced the happiness that one gets after turning their dream cake into reality? Baking Genie is the best bakery that is engaged in delivering customized cakes in Pune. As we all know that a celebration is incomplete without a beautiful cake, the customized cakes for different occasions such as birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries or any other occasion increases the beauty of the occasions several times. Furthermore, a customized cake helps you express your feelings to the concerned person in a much better manner and thus, leads to the creation of a healthy and emotional bond among the family.

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For ordering a customized cake, the most important point to be considered is that you should have a clear idea about the type of design you require and the ingredients that need to be utilized. For example, if you are planning a 1st birthday celebration, then the cake designing idea would be different from the one that will be appropriate for 1st marriage anniversary celebration. Children are fond of chocolates and so at Baking Genie, we provide customized cakes like Oreo, Kit Kat, Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Temptation, Choco Chips, etc.

Share your feelings with the loved ones through customized cakes in Pune

The customized cakes in Pune can be considered as the best choice as you can order a cake that is tailored as per your specific requirements and your allotted budget. Suppose your friend is fond of the bike and you want to present him a cake that reflects his passion for biking but you don’t have enough budget for this. So, at Baking Genie, we can recommend a wide variety of alternatives that can serve your purpose and at the same time does not cost you much. In this manner, customized cakes can help you strengthen your relationship with your loved ones.

In addition to this, sometimes it happens that you have an idea about the cake design but are not able to explain the design. In such a situation, our professional bakers can help you by showing you the different flavors and options for cakes so that you can express what you are looking for. Because we believe in sophistication and professionalism, we aim that your customized cake is the true reflection of your imagination. For instance, some prefer to go for fruit cakes while others like to have cheesecake or mousse cakes. Thus, cake customization depends on one’s imagination and thus, we make all efforts to understand what the customer wants us to prepare.

Unlike previous times, where we just used to place the order, the customized cakes in Pune help in choosing cakes according to the party theme. Moreover, you can also decide whether you want to go for an eggless cake, fresh cream cake, fondant cake, fruit cake or chocolate cake. It’s all of you and us making and baking together at one of the exclusive bakery shops in Pune so that you can show your true feelings for your near and dear ones.