Home delivery cake shop in Pune

As children, we were brimming with wonder about the world around us. Every look of Home delivery cake shop in Pune is as magical as if a wish has come true. The Baking Genie wishes to mingle these flavors of love and innocence to recreate the amazement with a spread of savory cakes. The handcrafted cakes from this bakery in Koregaon Park are a pretty sight, but also extremely delicious. Gorgeous customized cakes in varied hues and designs, sit on the racks of the walls, while cute cupcakes and cheesecakes are placed in proper lines on the counter at the far end of the shop.

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Waiting for the cake to be delivered from home delivery cake shop in Pune is the best feeling ever!

Well, the Home delivery cake shop in Pune Baking Genie is the best cake server. All of our cakes and cupcakes have a mouth-watering taste which makes it impossible to restrict taste buds from ordering those delicious ways of eating. Each layer of the cake is filled with super tasty cream that force to crave more. Apart from customized cakes, Baking Genie also bakes and delivers theme based cakes. Cakes for all occasions and of all kinds under one roof sometimes seems like a dream. One could never think that cakes can be amazing and appetizing.

Also, the cakes are baked with high-quality ingredients. Besides taste, the appearance of the cake matters the most and therefore, no compromise is made on that part in any situation. Cakes in Baking Genie are designed in all sizes and assurance is made that cakes must be fresh and as per the order of the customers. Personalization and specialization are the key focused areas that are always followed by the artistic bakers of Baking Genie. The mission is to fill the mouths of all with a slice of tasty cakes even while sitting at home.

The most startling thing about Baking Genie is the home delivery services which saves effort and time to visit the bakery. The cakes are packed properly and are delivered on time. The home delivery cake shop in Pune promises to serve the best and tastiest cakes and cupcakes. The shop has cheesecake, dry cake, mousse cake, Indian sweets, chocolates, liquors, fruits, and other exclusive range of cakes that look like secret or unplanned surprises. One of the best things about our cakes is that they are spongy in the right amount and are prepared under well maintained and clean surroundings. The fluffiness of each cake is maintained even at the time of home delivery. The customers will get what they see and what they want. Why stay away to taste the best? Order at your place!